lunedì, luglio 30, 2007

:Previous Steps:

:Final Piece:

Mike and Fede.
Because... Like 2 weeks ago i finally finished Mario&Luigi:Superstar Saga. And. O_O I thought, this was PERFECT!
I HAD to draw them like Mario and Luigi u_u also cus i need practice with caricatures; Fede's head is too big, but I think they turned out ok X3
I'll make soon another version of this, cus Erika is an evil person and gives me evil ideas.

martedì, luglio 24, 2007

Wii, it's centaur time <3Wah, this took forever XD I'm too slow >_>; She started as a simple (and ugly) drawing in my sketchbook, then I liked the pose and decided to make a good thing out of her. X3 I went random for the coloring D: Horses are too difficult to draw >_>
Oh, this is oooold XD I was very bored during photoshop class, and this came out. Very quick sketch, about 30 min i think?

sabato, luglio 14, 2007

Again, School stuff :D the last one has a quote from "The Lives of Christopher Chant", by Diana Wynne Jones.
This one was for father's day: my dad loves bach, so i bought him a CD and drew him a caricature of Bach X3 I'm not really used to caricatures, so it was a good exercise, too.

martedì, luglio 10, 2007

Some old drawings I found on my sketchbook, prolly i'll color later :D

This one i did for a school assignment: we had to do something about cold/hot contrast. I really don't like working with paint >_>; so usually the homeworks I did for that class suck, but this one has turned out ok, to me :D

domenica, luglio 08, 2007

I finished this yesterday, with some help from Erika:

Also, some old stuff:
I really had this dream! I'm still amused XD(this one needs an explanation: he's supposed to be my Pop Culture & Style teacher; once he started saying that pop culture is that kind of warm culture, that everyone can enjoy, cus it's not too hot or too cold. I mean, as an example is perfect but... I had to draw him like this XD)

I did these one for Pop Culture exam: I don't know if it's what the teacher meant for "understanding pop culture processes and dynamics", but I sent them via email and he answered "Lol". My admiration for that man levelled up. At least 3 levels.

sabato, luglio 07, 2007

So zombies didn't eat my brain!

School did.
Well, new layout as you can see!
Here's a bigger version of my fursona, cus she lacks of details in the header version.