martedì, luglio 24, 2007

Wii, it's centaur time <3Wah, this took forever XD I'm too slow >_>; She started as a simple (and ugly) drawing in my sketchbook, then I liked the pose and decided to make a good thing out of her. X3 I went random for the coloring D: Horses are too difficult to draw >_>
Oh, this is oooold XD I was very bored during photoshop class, and this came out. Very quick sketch, about 30 min i think?

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Fainder ha detto...

Come ti ho già detto, molto molto bella :o è valsa la pena :3 Mi piace molto la colorazione di coda e capelli e in generale i toni che hai scelto. Belli anche gli zoccoli, col pelo fatto così *_*